A ropeway is a system for transporting materials and/or passengers in carriers suspended from or controlled by ropes. A system would qualify when a rope propels or controls carrier motion in transit on rail or other fixed support (funicular). In mountainous areas, ropeways have a long history of success. They are used as a simple, safe and efficient means of transport for passengers as well as for material, even in harsh terrain.

Skiing Package

For winter season, we have special skiing and Snowboarding packages for intermediate & advanced skiers which are customized in three categories 1 Week, 2 Weeks & 3 Weeks. Our services are very personalized and all aspects of holidays are taken care of, from arrival to departure. We Offer Packages with accommodation, Food, Transportation, Riding Gear and Guiding services with Luxury , Deluxe & Standard Packages.


Skiing in Gulmarg – a wonderful combination of incredible powder skiing and the unique culture of India–one of the world’s greatest adventure skiing experiences. We have a fully equipped Adventure showroom located at Tangmarg Road.You can get everything from our ski shop from Powder skis to Snowboards,Transceivers,Shovels & Probe.