A ropeway is a system for transporting materials and/or passengers in carriers suspended from or controlled by ropes. A system would qualify when a rope propels or controls carrier motion in transit on rail or other fixed support (funicular). In mountainous areas, ropeways have a long history of success. They are used as a simple, safe and efficient means of transport for passengers as well as for material, even in harsh terrain. Every ropeway has some basic components. Carriers, terminals, towers, ropes, and evacuation and rescue systems.

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Mono-Cable Group Gondola System

The system comprises of 2/4 groups of Gondolas and can have circulating of jig-back motion. The cabins are always attached to cable. Low cost, low maintenance and simplicity of operation are important features.

Bi-Cable Jig Back System

The system has 2/4 medium to very large cabins moving over fixed rope and hauled by another rope in opposite direction. It offers greater safety but limited capacity of transportation. Suitable for deep valley crossing.

Ariel Tramway

An aerial tramway uses large carriers or cabins and travels high above ground. The carrier(s) one or single reversible, two or double reversible travel between terminals, stop, reverse direction.

Chair Lift

The system has open 2 – 8 seat chairs replacing the gondola and is primarily used for skiing. The chair can be fixed or detachable type and its selection is based on capacity required.

Mono-Cable Detachable Gondola System

In this system, the Gondolas moving at high speed, detach from the rope in the stations to enable boarding and de-boarding of passengers. Capable of offering high capacity.

Bicable Detachable Gondola System

The system is combination of Bicable Jig Back and Detachable System. Capable of offering high capacity and moving across deep valley dictate selection of this system.